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Redruth – Historical Walking Tour

redruth historical walking tour

A High Street Sound Walk in Redruth

This walk is a collection of history, both old and contemporary, reimagined by Sue Hill, Ciaran Clarke, Annamaria Murphy. Using headphones and your personal device, let the voices of people real and imagined, lead you around this ancient mining town.

Street of Voices’ / ‘Stret an Levow’ by Annamaria Murphy, Sue Hill and Ciaran Clarke
Start: The Redruth Drapery
Duration: 41 minutes
Accessibility: There are several small steps during the route.

You can head on over to the Historic England website to find out more, but here are some highlights of the Redruth walking tour…

A palace of glamour and dreams, all sweeping staircases and glimmering mirrors. The flounce and frou frou of the hat department – fascinators, fedoras, kettle-brims, berets and tams. Threads of every colour in haberdashery, sharps, bodkins, crewel, beading, felting, quilting and darning needles, tassels, fringes and ric-rac braid.

  • The Grow Box

A story of a local hero – young man, student nurse – who came to the rescue of a vital shop in Redruth’s hour of need…

  • The Club of the Left Behind

Between Tabb’s Hotel and Redruth Railway station from the mid to late 1800s there was a corridor of women. Some had rouged their cheeks and lips. All waiting for the midday train from London, for these trains were full of traders, coming to the Mining Exchange. This was the only place in Britain where stocks and shares of metal mining could be bid, traded, dealt

And so much more…

Artists Annamaria MurphySue Hill and Ciaran Clarke’s sound walk ‘Street of Voices’ (‘Stret an Levow’ in Cornish) explores layers of time. They unlock the people and events that the high street has borne witness to over time. Real voices and stories that honour the extraordinary town that is ‘Pueblo Magico’, Redruth.

Hear the tale of Emily Knuckey, delivered from Redruth to the Bodmin court wrapped in a carpet. Listen to the memories of The West End Stores Christmas Grotto, and those that might have flown on a magic carpet. Experience the Ballad of Gracey Briney, a fierce cross-dresser, bal-maiden, horse and cart driver, and cherry seller, serenading you.

Engage with local stories from young and old, immersing yourself in the sounds, voices, and history of the high street.

High Street Sound Walks, is a series of self-guided, immersive sound walks to help people discover the magic of local high streets.

High Street Sound Walks is a commission by Historic England, National Trust and Heritage Open Days. They’re also supported by the players of People’s Postcode Lottery and produced by Sound UK.

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