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Queen Elizabeth II Platinum Jubilee poem

Queen Elizabeth II Platinum Jubilee
3rd June 2022

The Crowd is standing waiting
There’s excitement everywhere
They’re singing old time love songs
Which permeate the air

Union Jacks are waving
Children are held up high
A golden coach approaches
They wave as you pass by

We bought a nine-inch tele
Just to see you crowned
And some children in the neighborhood
Were invited to come round

At school, we were photographed
Dressed in red, white and blue
Just as individuals –
It was all because of you

SEVENTY years later
We still wait for you to appear
On that famous balcony
To wave, while we all cheer

For all that we’ve been through
You’ve been there too
Sharing our ups and downs
As we’ve shared yours with you

Our Children have grown up now
As your four have done
Many of us are grandma’s
And some of us are gone

But steadfast, brave and dignified
Your speeches will us on

These WILL be more street parties
With jelly, ice cream and song
In Cornwall there’ll be pasties
Brass bands, singing and cream and jam scones


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