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My week at Redruth Library

Hello, my name is Jasmine and I have spent the past week at Redruth Library for work experience. Next year is my last year of secondary school and then I will have to decide what to do at college, so I wanted my week here to be worthwhile and to positively impact my future – which I can gladly say it has. I chose to work at Redruth Library because I am familiar with the environment and was fascinated by what happens behind the front desk.

Since working here, I have adapted to many different jobs and developed a variety of skills. One of the jobs I have tried is the item request list which included finding, scanning, and delivering books as well as registering those arriving from other libraries. This definitely called upon my problem-solving and teamwork skills and I now have a much better understanding of how libraries operate. Another thing I haven’t experienced before is helping customers one on one by taking payment, registering library cards, and making reservations. This benefitted my speaking and listening skills which have also been impacted by the wonderful staff who I have immensely enjoyed working with.

After gaining all this information and experience I have a much clearer idea of what qualifications I need for future jobs and will be taking with me my knowledge of technology. Alongside the communication skills I have adapted that will help me along my career journey. Overall, it is an amazing place to work with a lovely atmosphere, interesting and fulfilling work, incredible staff (and great snacks!). I am so grateful for everyone who has aided me this week, thank you so much!

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