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Meet Your Councillor – Vol . 2

Meet Your Councillor

Meeting Your Councillor…

Will Tremayne is one of Redruth’s Councillors for the North Ward and is a proud resident of Cornwall, which has turned him into a fountain of knowledge when it comes to our vibrant, historically rich town.

Will’s Favourite Quote:
“Beware the naked man who offers you his shirt.” (Dr Maya Angelou, poet & writer)
African Proverb Translation: you cannot offer what you don’t have or what you don’t own yourself.

Born on Falmouth Road, Will is a proud native of Cornwall and is deeply rooted in his local heritage, though he’ll admit, he has ventured as far as Bristol in his life’s journey. But even when growing up, going to university, and training to be a psychiatric nurse, he was never far from his Cornish roots. With a dedication to the Labour Party and the trade unions dating back to his teenage years, Will has a passion for both industrial and cultural heritage. Thus, it comes as no shock to hear he pursued training as an Environmental Scientist and Engineer at The School of Mines, a renowned institution, which blended with his interest in national politics, and paved the way for his eventual ascent to the position of Redruth Town Councillor.

That, or someone asked me to be a Councillor, and I couldn’t say no.”

Regardless of how he got there, Will is still very much enjoying his time as a Councillor in all its aspects. Part of the role includes knowing what’s going on in and around town – which is a lot – and is always exciting to see. As a Councillor, Will strives to help the community too, influencing the town and Cornwall for the better.

Sadly, it’s never as much as I would like, or want to see, but we keep going.”

Nevertheless, when he’s not enhancing our community, Will also has a love for the history of this town and knows a wealth of fun, interesting facts. For example, Svetlana Iosifovna Alliluyeva, the daughter of former Soviet leader Joseph Stalin, once called Redruth and Cornwall her home. Known to her neighbours and the local community as Lana Peters, the poor woman faced many tragedies and moved to Redruth for a sheltered life between 1995 and ’97 where she spent a lot of time walking the coastline.

Will share this knowledge during many of the Redruth Festival as a part of Cobweb Tours, bringing Cornwall’s past to life. This year, you’ll likely find Cobweb Tours at our St Piran’s Festival (2nd March), Murdoch Day (15th June), and Will’s favourite, the International Mining & Pasty Festival (20th & 21st September). You can join Will during The Mining & Pasty Festival for the Mining Walk up to Wheal Uny and its two-engine houses. It’s a growing event, one all the family can enjoy, admiring the spectacular sight of the stacks smoking once more.


“I don’t have off time. In my off time, I come to Council Meetings.”

With such a busy schedule, we wanted to know what Will could possibly fit into his downtime, because really, what could he squeeze in? Well, alongside all his work at the council and Cobweb, Will said he works on his lathe at home, turning large pieces of wood into, smaller, prettier pieces of wood. To name a few wonderful creations; bowls, mortar and pestle, and when there’s a spare Christmas tree going; mini-wooden Christmas trees keyrings.  This hobby came about during lockdown when – trapped in isolation – Will was gifted a lathe to use in his workshop. But that’s not to overlook Will’s other roles. He’s in charge of keeping the Redruth Clock wound, and though he’s due to do it once a week, you might see him making the journey up the tower twice – just to make sure those bells are never late.

“I don’t do Christmas Cards, so I make the Christmas Trees.”

If he had some time after all that, you might find Will reading Jitterbug Perfume (1984) written by Tom Robbins. The book follows two interweaving storylines, one in Ancient Eurasia and one in the present day. The story connects perfumers in Seattle, Paris and New Orleans, duelling for a bottle of the incomparable perfume created by two unlikely but defiant lovers of the past who seek immortality. Orchestrated by a mysterious Irish philosopher, the past and the present collide when the characters come together and discover the unexpected path to life everlasting.

Lastly, if not immersed in riveting tales, up clock towers, or dressed as a miner, you can find Will spending time at home with his family as the cook, creating a range of dishes such as chilli-con-carne and other delicious feasts. Of course, his favourite meal, by far, is the Cornish pasty, Steak (or maybe cheese), as it should be. Proper Job!

We’re looking forward to seeing Will at our festivals throughout the year where he’ll impart us with all his knowledge, tales, and Cornish spirit.


Information about Cobweb Tours can be found here: Cobweb Tours 
They do tours around Redruth and Portreath and specialise in bringing Cornish history to life.


Will Tremayne was kind enough to stop in for this ‘Meet Your Councillor’ interview on Tuesday 20th February 2024, and it has been lightly edited for length and clarity. Make sure to stay tuned for Vol. 3 and our next councillor and follow us for more on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

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