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Gwealan Tops

We are dedicated to promoting play for children, young people and the wider community.

Adventure playgrounds offer a unique form of staffed play provision where children can play in ways that they can’t elsewhere. They provide opportunities for children to face challenges and risks whilst supervised by skilled playworkers.

The site comprises green spaces with some structures and wild areas. Visitors have ample room to roam, explore, experiment, and create. We offer arts, crafts, and imaginative opportunities alongside campfires, building, sports, and outdoor experiences, all aimed at supporting free play. During term-time, unaccompanied children aged 7 and over can access the playground after school on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, as well as Saturday afternoons, upon completion of a registration form. Additionally, the playground is open on weekdays during school holidays. If your child requires support to attend, please ensure you speak to us in advance to discuss their needs so that suitable arrangements can be made. You can contact us at

Every child aged 7 and over that comes to the playground needs to have a registration form completed for them and must arrange a first visit via email to

The link to our new registration form is here.
Once your child is registered and you have had your first visit there is no need to book and you can turn up anytime we are open.

The Playground

Qualified playworkers staff the playground, providing a space where children can play freely.

In our play space, children can run, climb, jump, roll, balance, scream, play with mud and water. They can get dirty, create, demolish, dress up, read, be quiet, be alone, or play in large groups – essentially, they can fully embrace childhood.

We firmly believe that play is crucial in children’s lives, helping them understand themselves and the world around them. We actively encourage children to choose their activities and how they utilize the available resources and space. This extends to whom they involve, including friends, other children, and/or playworkers.

Encouraging exploration, experimentation, and engagement in our environment fosters children’s confidence and self-awareness, encouraging them to try new things independently.

We enforce an open access policy, meaning there is no fee for accessing the playground. Children aged 7 and older can come and go as they please.


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