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Totally Locally Discover Redruth


Totally Locally is something special. It’s more than a shop local campaign, it’s a philosophy.

Totally Locally provides towns like Redruth to use our Town Kit to strengthen their communities. They follow guidelines, templates, and a full event strategy and ask them to share any new ideas they come up with. We assist communities worldwide in building sustainable local economies. Our tools empower businesses, groups, and volunteers to support independent shops and producers, fostering thriving towns.

We promote collaboration and kindness, without the nonsense. We support a balanced high street, welcoming both chains and independents. Totally Locally’s goal is to level the playing field by providing indies with marketing materials and support similar to larger corporations.

There are many other strands to Totally Locally as you will find as you dig deeper. But it boils down to this…..

Love Where You Live – You Might Just Make It Better.

Totally Locally Discover Redruth

Totally Locally in Redruth

  • Who are we?

    The majority of the group are local businesses – primarily based in town. Not all are retail though, we have services (solicitors, estate agents etc), artists, some councillors, out of town business, CIC’s etc. All interested parties are welcome to get involved.

  • What is this Totally Locally Redruth thing?

    It’s about thriving and being connected and celebrating what we do have in town and beyond. Working together as one voice, rather than each of us trying to manage and promote our businesses alone – we are doing it for each other and together.

  • Why?

    Because we may not have all the big chain stores in town – but we do have something all together more special and unique. Independent shops – and a wonderful array of them too. Promoting the positives of what we do have will hopefully in turn, attract other independent businesses to town. The basic premise of this is to encourage people to tweak their shopping habits a little. High streets have changed, shopping habits have changed. But rather than complaining about it….. do something. Moaning is easy – getting off your bum and soap box takes a little more effort but is much better fun.

  • What’s the message?

    It’s very simple – if every adult in Redruth spent £5 a week with a local independent business – this would generate £3 MILLION a year in the local economy. It’s very simple but very real. Additionally, if this was spent in the high street, then our town would thrive and attract other indie businesses.

  • When did all this stuff start in Redruth?

    January this year – yup, just a few months. We have over 50 people involved, businesses and individuals getting up to good stuff – it’s about taking action, promoting each other and being nice. Nay-sayers and happiness hoovers will be relegated to the naughty step. The ethos is – instead of moaning about it, do something. People seem to warm to this simple message – change starts with us. Whatever that little change is – it could be buying a birthday card in town – not from Moonpig or Tesco. Or meeting friends for a mooch, coffee and cake in town.

  • Are you trying to guilt trip us?

    Nope. Not guilt tripping, no begging, no ‘poor me’ or ‘our high street is dying, please save us’. There is a lot more than you think already here in Redruth. Have a little explore – be a tourist in your own town.

  • What are you up to?

    Getting to know each other, having a meet up every few weeks and taking action. We are doing stuff, useful stuff and planning stuff.

Support your local indie shops by spending a fiver a week at one of them. Arrange to meet friends in town for a cuppa, enrol in a course, visit a nail salon, purchase local produce, explore the bookshop, utilize services for computer or clothes repairs, enjoy some fish and chips, get a haircut, attend a play, buy a card…whatever you prefer.

But doing something is better than nothing

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