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Redruth’s Food Troops Community Kitchen Garden

Victoria park
Park Road
TR15 2JF

+44 7852 545602



Redruth’s Food Troops: COOK, GROW, THRIVE project.

Redruth’s Food Troops Community is a non-profit community Kitchen / Garden initiative dedicated to tackling food waste and hunger head-on! This means we’re passionate about surplus food redistribution, fostering a sense of community through shared meals, and empowering families with food education. We believe having access to healthy, nutritious food is a fundamental human right. Children and their families should not suffer because of a lack of education, skills, finances or confidence to prepare their own meals from fresh fruits and vegetables at home.

Food Waste is a global issue!  1/3 of our produced food goes straight into landfills. It is time for us to act NOW to tackle this growing issue.

Join us on our Food Troop Facebook group where we share surplus food and cooking tips, showcase the impact of our food RescU packs in action through photos, and stay updated on the latest events and services at our Victoria Park location in Redruth, Cornwall. Additionally, we offer online cookery classes and workshops to further enhance your culinary skills and knowledge.

Together, let’s wage war on food waste and hunger while nurturing a thriving community cantered around sustainable food practices and shared meals. Join the Food Troop Community in making a positive difference in Redruth and beyond!

What do Food Troops do?

Food Troops continues to expand its offer within the community. We now have two poly tunnels up bursting with vegetables. The mud kitchen fairy garden brings delight to our young people, and increases biodiversity at the site for biodiversity lessons.

Extra storage for our gardening equipment and learning resources, in the form of a new shed, is keeping everything tidy.
We’ve been working on storage for the community fridge. We’re collaborating with our partners and Cornwall Neighbourhoods For change (CN4C) to ensure surplus leftovers are redistributed to the community.
Exciting and diverse workshops have proved very popular, with people learning a wide variety of skills from festive baking to pickling and preserves, kombucha making and creating their own natural sustainable beauty products.
The Family Foodie Fun sessions have been well attended, parents carers and young people all learning together and enjoying the community and support of each other. These have been led by one of our wonderful volunteers, a qualified primary school teacher. Regular attendance from our teenage volunteers has meant many tasty meals, lots of useful carrying and organising and a wonderful opportunity for our young people to demonstrate their willingness to help, learn new Transferable skills, build confidence and achieve experience in a work environment.


Interested in joining us?

Check out what Events they have going on:

Food Troop Events
Food Troops 


Or Contact them to join in:
+44 7852 545602

Find more about our local community and how they can help here; Community

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