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Murdoch Day

Event date: 15th June
Time: 10:00 am
Duration: Until 4:00pm
Location: Town Centre

Join us for Murdoch Day, a celebration honouring the legacy of William Murdoch, the pioneer behind the use of coal gas in lighting! Immerse yourself in Redruth’s rich heritage, history, and industry as we pay homage to the innovations that shaped our town. From captivating exhibits to lively performances, this festival embodies the true spirit of our community. Come together, revel in our shared past, and create new memories in the heart of Redruth!

Who is Mr Murdoch?

William Murdoch, the Inventor, is famed for the innovation of the use of coal gas in lighting as a replacement for oil and tallow. William Murdoch lived in Redruth and his house was the first in the UK to be lit by gas lighting in 1792. In September 1779 Murdoch was sent to Redruth in Cornwall as a senior engine erector, responsible for the erection, maintenance & repair of Boulton & Watt engines. These were used for pumping water out of the Cornish Tin mines, and therefore the efficiency and efficacy of the engines was an important factor in the amount of tin, and money, which could be extracted from a mine.

Fast forward a few hundred years to a whole day dedicated to the legacy of his innovation but also all that makes Redruth great- past and present.

Murdoch Day is Redruth’s big day and really gets right to the heart of what the town is all about – its heritage, history, industry, but most of all community. On June 15th 2024 10am – 4pm, the town will be packed with events and entertainment throughout the day for families and the community to enjoy.

Timeline of the day

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