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Fun Palaces

Event date: 6th October
Until: 8th October

Fun Palaces is celebrating it’s 10 year anniversary this year with even more community activities.

What is Fun Palaces?

Fun Palaces is an annual, free, nationwide celebration of culture at the heart of community, using arts, science, craft, tech, digital, heritage and sports activities as a catalyst for community engagement. Previous Redruth Fun Palaces have included included metal working, crafting puppets, and glass work at Krowji. As well as seed planting at Redruth Library.

What’s On In Redruth?

Saturday 7th October

  • Community LEGO Fest: 10am – 12:30pm
    The Redruth Library, Alma Pl, TR15 2AT
    10am – 12:30pm
    Redruth Library invites people of all ages from our community to enjoy LEGO at Fun Palaces. Everyone is welcome, any age! Keeeep Building!
  • Bunting Making Workshop
    The Elms, Green Ln, TR15 1LS
    10am – 1pm
    Come and join us to create bunting for the Lowender Festival. The theme is Cornish saints and sinners. Who can you think of?
  • Queer Cornish Collection
    Krowji, West Park, Redruth, TR15 3AJ
    1pm – 4pm
    Come together to build community and practice creativity for wellbeing.
    Draw and create your objects to include in our pop up museum of Cornish LGBTQ.
  • Krowji activities
    Krowji, West Park, Redruth, TR15 3AJ

1pm – 4pm
Members of the public of all ages and abilities will have the chance to try their hand at creative activities, craft workshops and technical demonstrations at the Krowji Fun Palace, Redruth.

2pm – 4pm
Krowji’s Fun Palace will also feature the opening event of CAMP’s members show, this will be held in our new contemporary arts space G12 Krowj. We will also have fantastic parkour performances and workshops from UPG and local young people.

6pm – 9pm
Krowji tenants and DJs Siobhan Purdy and Tim Hendy will be hosting a 16+ years record evening in Stones Krowji. They will be providing you with an opportunity to learn how to DJ as well as play your own records. No tickets are needed, please just drop by.


Sunday 8th October

  • RED Pottery and Gallery
    Unit 2, Tower House, Fore St, TR15 2BP
    1pm – 3pm
    There will be 3 parts – all simple fun and a bit messy.

1) Lucky Blob Lucky Dip – Getting hands literally stuck in a big bucket of wet clay to retrieve a lucky token blob. Get the feel of clay – you’ll make the noises associated with sticking your hands in a bucket of mud. Yummy.

2) Knock Knock Pots – carved with a simple tool, your favourite knock knock joke into a tea light holder. (These can either be taken home or if left I’ll fire and glaze them and they can be put in Xmas food hampers or something similar at local schools)

3) Clay Archery – kind of but without arrows or bows. I’ll paint a big target on some ply and then using a flexible ruler or just hands – fling clay at the target making a very satisfying SPLAT. Tension relief and letting that inner child reappear.

  • Stick a pin in it!
    The Dark Room, The Ladder, Clinton Rd, TR15 2QE
    12pm – 5pm
    Stick a pin in it! A pinhole camera workshop where you will explore the joy and unlimited possibilities of making a pinhole camera from any recycled household object as long as it is opaque. Showcasing your work and the wackiest to the most innovative camera you can make. Begin image-making with your inventions and enjoy the magic that happens with photography. Please bring items from home to turn into cameras.
  • Board Games Galore
    The Town Bar, St Rumons Social Club
    2pm – 5pm
    We have a wide range of board games to play. From old family favourites like Scrabble and Monopoly, to the slightly more obscure for the hardened gamer! Looking for something more? We’ve got everything you need to make your own Cluedo game!


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