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Filming Redruth

Redruth is a great location for filming with its heritage architecture, parks and wild spaces. If you’d like to use Redruth as a location for your film, we can help.


The permissions you’ll need to obtain will depend on who owns the location you have in mind.

  • Any filming (including drone filming) on Cornwall Council owned land will need their permission. To film and photograph on Cornwall Council owned land we will need you to make an application via filmapp.
  • If the location is owned by Redruth Town Council e.g. St Rumon’s Gardens, East End Park or the Library, you can contact us directly for permission.
  • If the location is privately owned, such as a building in town, you’ll need to seek permission from the owner but we might be able to help with contact details so get in touch with us first.

Overall, if you are unsure about the ownership of a location you have in mind, contact us first by emailing and we can point you in the right direction.

If you need space for parking or unit vehicles, get in touch and we can help with that too. You can apply for a specific parking dispensation by using this Cornwall Council form.

Some things to know before hand to help:

You will also need:

  • £5 million Public Liability Insurance
  • Risk Assessment

In return you’ll be asked to:

  • apply for permissions in good time
  • abide by our filming code of practice
  • tell residents and businesses who may be disrupted and inconvenienced by your activities
  • use local companies, goods and services where possible.
  • Screen Cornwall and Creative England can be contacted for information about local crew and services

Individual photographers

Individual photographers taking stills of:

  • landscapes or
  • views from our land

for personal use do not need specific permission.

We would of course ask you not to disturb or inconvenience other users.  Don’t take risks which put yourself or anyone else in danger. If you are using the pictures for commercial use then you must apply via filmapp.

Road Closures & Parking Dispensation

Temporary Traffic Regulation Orders are granted by Cornwall Council’s Street Works team and require a minimum of 12 weeks’ notice.
Additional Information HERE

Street works

The Street Works team also grant parking dispensation which should be used for requesting street parking spaces for essential technical vehicles or to clear space for picture/background.

Additional Information HERE.


All information supplied by Cornwall Council and is up-to-date of January 2024. 

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