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My week at Redruth Town Council

Hi! I’m Emily, and I’ve just finished a week of work experience at the Redruth Town Council. Since I’m coming up to my GCSEs next year, I’ve started to look at my future work prospects, so it’s been an invaluable insight for me to have a glimpse at what a job within the council might look like. Not only has my time here helped me develop an understanding of how the council operates, but it’s also provided me with more of an idea of where I might like to work in the future.

During this week, I’ve sat in on multiple meetings relating to local festivals, tried my hand at some graphic design, helped research for a project at Kresen Kernow, visited schools, written articles, and had a guide on how to operate different social media platforms. I think it’s safe to say that I’ve learned a lot! I especially enjoyed researching at Kresen Kernow, since Redruth’s local history is so fascinating, and their extensive archives provide a whole new perspective on our past. The staff I’ve been working with have also been absolutely amazing, and I’ve felt really well supported, even though I’m sure it was quite inconvenient to have me here!

I originally wanted to come here for my work experience because I’m passionate about politics, and I’d like to have a positive impact on the world – however small or large that may be. Now, having gained a better idea of how the local council operates, I’ve realised that the system is so much more complicated than I thought, it never occurred to me just how many people are involved in decision-making processes! With this new knowledge, I think it’ll be much easier for me to find a career path to follow in which I can achieve my goals – ambitious as they might be. So, thank you to everyone at the council for making my time here both enjoyable and educational, I really appreciate it!

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