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Meet Your Councillor – Vol . 4

Meet Your Councillor Vol 4

Meet Your Councillor…

Katie Grasso is one of Redruth’s Councillors for the South Ward and was born in Falmouth before moving to Redruth with her family.

Katie’s Favourite Quote:
You cannot climb the ladder of success with your hands in your pockets. – Arnold Schwarzenegger
“I am a true believer in working hard paying off and always pushing yourself to reach the next level”

After spending some years at university and travelling – soaking up the world and its culture – Katie came back to Cornwall to start a business. After having such a wonderful childhood of her own, she was excited to raise her children here. Her favourite days are spent with her family at Gwithian Beach situated near Hayle, or taking long walks on the Helford.

“I love all things family, and interiors, as well as good food and cooking.

Katie and her family moved to Redruth, where together, she and her husband spend a lot of their time renovating their home; a beautiful Victorian farmhouse, which seems to be never-ending! Working as an interior designer, Katie is involved in many projects, believing that every space can be unique, stylish, and comfortable. Many of her designs draw inspiration from the property itself, as well as the beautiful home of Cornwall.

Her pro tip when decorating is always to make sure you have measured your room for furniture, and to make sure it will fit through your front door!

“There is nothing worse than having to remove windows to get a piece of furniture into the home.

Having created her own entrepreneurial business, Katie has worked hard to build what she has today from the ground up. When asked for advice for those who also want to start their own business, Katie said you can’t start anywhere but research. Who else is doing what you’d like to do? Write down your ideas and determine what you need to get started. Plan how you will create your first source of income. Discover the niche and how it might work in your area.

When Katie set up her business in 2012, grants and subsidies were only available to tech start-ups, so she had to be more resourceful. She made the contacts she needed, which produced business, and by earning the trust of those clients, this instigated interest from more clients. Katie encourages people to always be honest, and then you can easily create a happy place of work. If you’re employing staff, reward them with a good wage too. Your staff are your best allies when treated well!

“My key to a successful business relationship is to never over promise nor under deliver.

It was this year that the Redruth Town Council welcomed Katie as a representative of the South Ward, and as the latest addition, she can see the potential Redruth has. With the changes Redruth Rival is bringing to the town – the Town Markets, and the renovation of the Buttermarket – she saw it to be the perfect time to get involved. When the Buttermarket opens later this year, Katie is excited to see the results. The project aims to transform the Grade-II listed building into a blend of eateries, workspaces, and entertainment outlets. We all hope that with its opening, it will stimulate the town centre’s economy. Not only this, but Katie also hopes to bring another dynamic to the Council as a young working professional, but also, as she is also raising children in the town, she is able to see things from a different perspective.

She hopes to make her children feel safe in Redruth and also have prospects when they are older to explore in and around the area. She is passionate about promoting opportunities for the youth and building relations with local employers looking for apprentices. We are all aware of the housing crises in Cornwall, but Katie hopes to work with other agencies to find the balance of affordable housing in our local areas while keeping investment properties alive.


“We can work towards a bigger picture – a solid and loving community where our children have a good education and a worthy place to call home.

When not working, or assisting at the Council, Katie is a full-time mum and often takes the time to enjoy cooking. The family favourite, a hearty roast dinner with the all-important Yorkshire puddings is a constant choice, though, having grown up in a fishing family, fish and shellfish are never far away, not to mention a perfectly created Italian dish by her Cornish Sicilian husband.

If she has time to read, Katie loves any legal thriller by John Grisham and must have read The Client fifty times. She also loves motivational books and has been listening on audio to Manifest by Roxie Fafousi which teaches you certain techniques to live a more positive lifestyle by making conscious decisions on how to approach situations.

We know there is so much potential growing in and around Redruth. With so many people invested in the town’s future, and with the help of people like Katie, we will get there.


Katie Grasso was kind enough to stop in for this ‘Meet Your Councillor’ interview on Thursday 23rd May 2024, and it has been lightly edited for length and clarity. Make sure to stay tuned for Vol. 5 and our next councillor. Or read our other Councillor Blogs here and follow us for more on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

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