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Meet Your Councillor – Vol . 3

Meet you Councillors (Facebook Post) Vol 3

Meeting Your Councillor…

Matthew Brown is one of Redruth’s Councillors for the North Ward and is a born and bred resident of Cornwall, first in Camborne, before placing his roots here in Redruth.

Matthew’s Favourite Quote:
Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.Dr. Seuss
“It sums up the best way of being, yourself, always.”

After some time at university, Matthew – despite his love for his hometown – found his place here in Redruth where he fell in love with the town. He states how everyone here wants what’s best for the area and there are so many people here passionate about it.

“There’s a sense of belonging here, a sense of community.

Matthew found great value in becoming a Town Councillor. He believes strongly in the value of contributing to his community, regardless of the scale, and with his past experience, he has discovered that serving as a councillor was a meaningful way to do just that.

From studying philosophy at university, Matthew felt prepared for the role. The course helped with critical thinking, sitting through long meetings, and how to best deal with many issues the Council faces. As chair of the Staffing Committee, for example, Matthew has previous HR experience, budget predictions and seeing the overall big picture. However, he did state that no matter what you think being on the Town Council is like, it’s not.

“Whatever you think, it’s more like the Vicar of Dibley

But Matthew states no matter what the Council might do for the community, the community does so much more for itself. Redruth is up and coming (though he hates to use that term), and he’s not wrong. We have so much going on that’s creative and there’s no need to slow down now. The Buttermarket is coming together, ready to support local businesses and the economy. There are so many fantastic locals in the creative sector, proving Redruth has something to offer. We can hope in time, people come away from the seaside and the tourist spots to get a real taste of authentic Cornwall here in Redruth.

“Not everything artistic has to be about St Ives.



With so many events this year, it’s hard to pick a singular one, but with Redruth in his veins, Matthew is – of course – excited for Murdoch Day on the 15th of June 2024. He notes how it’s always great to see the town buzzing and alive with excitement. People might try to tell us differently, but we know when it comes to a parade, everyone in Redruth comes out to cheer it on. What’s more, seeing the Council leading the parade demonstrates how they will be there for the community, and will be a part of said community.

“The march for Murdoch will be fabulous.

When not working at the University or with the Council, Matthew volunteers on the board at Krowji, Cornwall’s largest creative hub, providing the community with studios and workspaces for a wide range of businesses. A lot is going on there, from new break-out artists to a brand-new studio space. On May 16th, 2021 part of the Krowji studios was destroyed by a terrible fire. Fortunately, there were no casualties, but several artists lost their work in the blaze.

As of January 2024, planning has been approved to rebuild the site, boasting nineteen studio units, communal and kitchen space, landscaping and access for the public. All areas will be fully accessible, as well as environmentally sustainable using solar panels and wind turbines. This marks a significant step forward in Krowji’s development and Matthew is thrilled by it.  He explains how it’s nice to see something coming into being in real-time: he remembers the fire, how the site looked after and now, and how it will look in nine months. All being well, it will be transformative and help that creative economy in Redruth.

Find out more about the design by Artet Designs here.

“What’s good for the economy is good for the town.

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Yet, even after all his time at work, with the council and then volunteering, Matthew does find the time to read a good book and cook. Even though he hasn’t read it in a long time, Lord of the Rings by JRR Tolkien is a favourite, stating the lore is impressive as well as how Tolkien created an entire language and in short, was showing off.

When he cooks, Matthew falls back onto his favourite – homemade lasagne. He’ll make one giant one in a big roasting pan and – upon request and demand – takes it in for the work colleagues to devour. When pressed about any ‘secret ingredients’ Matthew refuted, but under a little more pressure, the councillor admitted a splash of Worcestershire sauce to give it that kick and a fifty/fifty split of pork and beef mince to give it that flavour.

With so much going on and developments being pushed through, we’re sure this isn’t the last we’ll be hearing from Matthew this year as he strives to make Redruth the art hub of Cornwall.


Matthew Brown was kind enough to stop in for this ‘Meet Your Councillor’ interview on Tuesday 2nd April 2024, and it has been lightly edited for length and clarity. Make sure to stay tuned for Vol. 4  and our next councillor. Or read our other Councillor Blogs here and follow us for more on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

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